Sunday, October 15, 2006

C'mon It's Time For Something Biblical...

It has been nearly two months without a single peep out of this blog. It's time we started this dirty dawg back up!

How can i start this. Many things have happened in the past two months, some good, some bad, some joyous, some sad (rhymes!). If im honest, i can't be bothered to think about whats been happening, but im sure most of you know anyway.

So! I'm gunna start this fo' shizzle from last Monday!

Not alot has been going on in school this week, or at all recently, but really the over riding thing is that we have prelims coming up soon, and need to start preparing. The whole thing is becoming the height of tedium, as absolutely every teacher is drumming it into us. So basically, all this week has been about revision, revision topics, and homework, which severly limits time when something good can actually happen.Hilights of the school week really were simply having a laugh with my mates. And Mr Clulow.

Fast Forward!

Then came Friday. On Friday we done our weekly badminton. This time it was the turn of Michael. You remember him. So off we went, rackets in hand, with jolly smiles on our ickle faces (last sentence may be fabricated). Basically we got down to some hardcore BAdminton action, and it was fun, 'cept for some reason, i wasn't in the zone. Can't think why....(this use of an elipse implies that, contrary to the sentence, i do indeed know why.) Afterwards, we spent the night at Michaels house, with music, and laughter, and me and Craig had a nice wee chat.

Saturday! The best day of the week! During the day, i went with the parentals to have lunch out. It was a tasty lunch. When we did come home, severla hours later, i went for a quick shower, to clean up for the main event: THE KOOKS GIG AT THE BARROWLANDS!

That's right, on this night, Mark, my sister Esme, her boyfriend Paul and i were to attend the concert of one of my favourite bands. We arrived outside the venue at 6.30, doors open at 7. With few people in the queue, we were certain of a good spot inside. After a short wait, we got in, and were stood at the barrier, just right of centre! Perfect position, because wwe could see great, and wouldn't get crushed.

After a much longer wait, the first of two support acts came on, Cat the Dog. I thought they were quite good, if a touch random in their style (first few songs, rocky, then slowed it down, then went quite 'mosh'). After a five (?) song set, they left the stage. Soon, on came the second support, Larrikin Love. I hadn't heard them before, but my sis and Paul had, and assured me they were good. And so they were. They played another five(?) song set, which was very enjoyable. They were dressed like tramps mind.

Soon after the lights cut again, and on came the Kooks. And the place went berserk. It was jumping for the rest of the night, which was incredible. They played a great set, consisting of the album, and a few extra unrecorded tracks, and some from their demo's. All in all, they were spectacular. It was a great night.

Today, i went to visit my gran in the hospital, she'd had some op, recovering nicely. Esme and Paul went to Paris this morning as well, so wont be seeing her for a week. Ach weel.

Not many other plans for this, the holiday week, but i will update by the end of it.

Lewis, over and out.

Friday, August 18, 2006

Get That Corn Outta My Face!...

Ladies and Gentlemaen, Boys and Girls, children of all ages. Ahem. Hey guys!

I'm not sure when the last time i updated was, so ill just take off from this week. Well, last Friday.

Mark and I decided that we were going to go to the pictures to see Jack Black's new film, Nacho Libre. It's the story of a mexican monastery... guy, who decides he wants to be a wrestler (luchadore). Hilarity ensues. This film was so good, with thousands of great lines and funny looks, classic Jack Black. Top notch comedy, well worth the money and time. I also got a great deal on a fantastic game, £12.49 for a game worth £40, which was great. On Saturday, i messed around watching films, and eventually going over to Marks to play a new PC game of his, Black and White. I think its a tad boring to be honest, but others like it. Sunday was much the same.

On Monday, something incredible happened. After the break down of the familys seven year old Imac, we ordered a new Dell, which arrived on Monday. So i quickly set it all up, and on it came, in all it's glory. I've hardly been off it since! I played the game i got the other day, a pc game it was, and it was incredible. The whole thing is brilliant!! Basically, Tuesday followed the same suit. On Wednesday, Mark, Craig, Michael and i went to play badminton, which was pretty good, though i got arsed a few times (game speak, not literal). So all that was fun. On Thursaday, i done the same as Tuesday and Monday, and today, i done what i done last Friday, same film and all!

Back to school onMonday! But more importantly, Monday will be this Blogs 1 year anniversary! So expect something good!!

Tara for now, loving audience!

Wednesday, August 02, 2006

That's Fucking Teamwork...

Hello one and all. I've forgotten the details of last week a little, but i'll tell you what i remember.

Basically, Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday were spent playing football and walking/talking, interspersed with some Trampolining and lying upon a trampoline while talking. It was a lot of fun, but I'm sure it sounds a tad boring. It's just nice to be able to talk with friends openly and in person, rather than on a computer, when your internet connection might fuck off and leave you mid-sentence. So it was good.

On Friday, it was my wee cousin Luke's seventh birthday party, at which most of the family attended, which was good, as i don't see my family enough. I pissed about on a bouncy castle, eat some food, played my uncle at PS2, won, and talked. Another good day, followed by a long overdue chinese meal, capping it off.

On Saturday, the afternoon was spent in Springburn park, at said towns gala day. We were really there because my mums friends son was singing and playing guitar on stage, so we went. It was alright, but i was a tad bored. When i returned home, i got ready for the upcoming birthday BBQ of the most wondrous Ross. This is an annual thing, which i attended last year and loved.

I arrived at around 6.45, and there was a few guests there already. So i sat with them, occasionally speaking, though i didn't know them very well at that point, so i was a bit quiet. Ross then pissed off to get drinks, and i eventually became a member in the search party to find him, as he'd been gone some time. I found him, and also Michael and Craig, so i spent the rest of my time with them. It was great - the food, the chat, the drunks in the next room (you know who you are!) and everything else was great. i had an awesome time, and my applause go to Ross, the host with the most (booze in him!), who made it triple awesome.

On Sunday, i went to the pics to see Stormbreaker. Now, I'm a fan of the books, as is Mark, but we both agreed this was just silly. It was clearly made for 8 year olds, 75% of what Alex Rider done was impossible, and therefore looked daft, it wasn't true to the books, and in the most part was laughable. 'Nuff said. I had a good day though!

On Monday, i went school clothes shopping, which was a disaster, got nothing, and had one of those days when everything goes wrong. I won't go into it. Yesterday, i sat around watching The Simpsons until dinner, after which Mark invited me round to his house, and we played some more PC games etc, having fun.

Today, i went to the badminton with Mark, which was good, then we went into his again, doing the same old stuff, which was good. Never seen that coming eh?

No plans for the upcoming week, but i'll update when something interesting happens.

I feel like I'm not saying entirely what i want to say on this, but thats for another time maybe.

Lewis over and out for now!

Sunday, July 23, 2006

Our Hopes and Expectations, Black Holes and Revelations...

Hello, one and all, and welcome to a further update of the blog of Lewis.

Wellity well then. So Monday was the first day of note in the week. Early on, while i was nearing completion of a third book in as many days, I get a text from Mark, telling of his imminent arrival in Manchester airport, and that his journey to Condorrat would commence shortly. Nifty. He got back at around 8.45, so i spent the day footering and reading some more, watching TV and generally pissing about. I also texted me good friend Ross, as he was away in Cornwall, and therefore, i hadn't spoke with him in a time. All was good. Next day (Tuesday) i went out with Mark for the first time in 2 weeks. It was tremendous. We played with a ball using our feet in the style of an old game. Not that game, sickos. Then later on, after dinner, i went over to his house, received some sweets, played some old PS2 games and chatted. It was great, and just to get out of the house for once was good. We done the same stuff on Wednesday, Football and stuff like that, kinda like Tuesday all over again.

Thursday brought some new activity. Mark and I travelled Northward, as far as the Town Centre (is that North?), to play pool at the local pool hall. It turned out to be real cheap, and we played six games in one and a half hours, so it was quite the sweet deal. upon return to a possible South, we went into Marks again, for some PS2 gaming action, with some accompanying music, of which has been a desire of mine recently. By this, i mean that at random intervals, i have been known to shout " I need music!" when i have went some time without it. This went on for some time.

On Friday, my dad and i decided to go to town, as i had a few purchases to make. So in we went, having a delicious lunch and dinner on either side of the shopping. I purchased the Simpsons Season 6 and Ray LaMontagne's debut album Trouble. Both brilliant. Oh, i also bought what i was there for, being three birthday cards.

On Saturday, i went to the Cathouse again. It was great as ever, except a few circumstances hindering the greatness, being the abscence of some friends, and a crippling blow to the Camley boy's confidence. I can't be arsed with details, just be safe in the knowledge i am thankful to all those involved as always, and i got a membership! Meaning cheap entry next time.

Today, i played some more football with Mark, which as always, was fun. Not sure what the future holds, because no plans have been made.

This is the beginning of the changes to the blog, as it is a work in progress that is progressing nicely. Feedback is welcome!!

Until next time.

Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Who Said A City Can't Change It's Borders, Who Said Your MIne...

Greetings fine person. It has a been an expanse of time since our last cosoltation, a vast, barren vaccum without contact. Or as some of our generation would put it " It were shit".

This is a new beginning of sorts: I'm going to make some changes on here to keep me and you interested, so that will happen soon. I'm now going to recap recent events for you

The end of term was relatively uneventful, really, except for a few things. The first point of interest was my second visit to the Cathouse. Once again, it was fookin ace. There was a full gang there this time again, consisting of; Russell, Michael, Ceiran, Siobhan, Zoe, Rachel Honeyman and Baird, Bethany, Aston and Claire, plus some new folk, and me. I met some people i already knew, such as Spittle, who is a legend, in my opinion anyway. There was some good music, and some tosh music, and some great music, and then there was Lordi. I had a great night, really enjoyed me sel', so thanks again to all you folks who were there. Goin' back soon. In school at the end of term was a tad shit really, everyone is being moody, some with good reason, others being a gay bar. I think in school, only one of my mates was truly happy, Ross, 'cause he - once again - has found "lurv". Lucky for some. The only other thing of note at the end of term was our trip to Alton Towers.

We had to be at the school at 2.00 am. Most, if not all, of us, felt ill, it was fereezing, and we were tired. We climbed in to the bus, slumped in our seats, and drove for about 7 hours, with three stops (might have been two). We got there at 9.30 am, and promptly ran to the rides. So here's the catch - i hadn't been on many rollercoasters in my time up till then (only Disney Land) and i was slowly filling my pants with excrement. Ross, Craig x2 and i got on to a relatively small but enjoyable 'coaster by the name Spinball Wizard. Was 'sposed to be like pinball, but really, it just spun you round will hurtling around a track. I thought it was quite good, i think 'Coaster regulars Ross and Craig were unimpressed though. Then we headd over to the "daddy rides" stopping at some lesser ones on the way, such as a shitty broken ghost rain thing, with guns. Then we arrived at Nemesis, still just us four, 'cause MIchael and Russell had spectacularly ditched us. We didn't mind.

So the Signs at Nemesis say " Europe's fastest 'coaster experience" and i say "Fuck". We waited in the queue for a short time, then we got to the front. I took of my new shoes for fear of losing them, then got strapped in. It was a sturdy harness, which made me feel better. It slowly creaked up a hill, and then the shit hit the proverbial fan. We went spinning away, upside down, round and round, about an inch away from the river of red water (meant to be blood?), with my head being pushed in to my shoulders, and the g-force making my lips like that of a fish. It was over in a few scream filled sections. And i loved it.

We went to Air next, which has got to be one of the coolest experiences of my life. I once again took my shoesies off, and got encased in the harness. Seriously, this thing was so comprehensive, its a wonder it let us breath. It lifts you off your feet, and then rolls you on to your front, as if you are flying. Off we went, spinning and hurtling around towards the ground, like we were flying. It was incredible, words couldn't do it justice. Noises might though. We pissed about on some other rides for a while, then eventually came home. I loved the whole day, and wouldlike to say a big thanks to Ross and the two Craigs who kept me sane, and made me do stuff i normally would have ran from. Thanks.

So then the holidays came, and for tyhe first few days, i enjoyed my self, played football and stuff like that, but then on the 3rd, Mark went on holiday, so for a week and a half, ive sat around bored, watching old films and eating. The only stuff i've done is a trip to the ics with Craig Lindsay to see Over the Hedge, and i went to see Pirates... with my mum. Both were fandabby dosie. I went to the badminton with my mum last night too, and thrashed her.

Stuff shall be done soon though, 'cause Marks back, and then things are planned, so all is good. Thanks for reading this novel (if you bothered too!) and i will update soon.

Watch this space.

Sunday, June 11, 2006

Get Busy Living, Or Get Busy Dying...

Sorry people, for not updating in a while. Infact im not sorry, because if truth be told, i'm becoming a bit tired of this. I don't plan on quiting however. I'm going to quickly say whats happened recently, then updates are going to slow down a bit ubtil the summer, when something may infact happen. So here goes.

The RE trip was good fun, Xmen was really good, but a little saddening, im now a fourth year, which has brought A LOT of homework, i went to Cumbernauld college on friday, which was good, Ive been watching the world cup religiously, and thats been great, and ive been playing football most of the week. Ive got a chemistry trip on tusday, and various other things as well, which i might update you on before the summer. If not, y'all have a good end of term, and a good summer!

Until i feel it is necessary to update, this is Lewis.

Wednesday, May 31, 2006

I Wanted To See, I Wanted To See, I Wanted To See This, For Myself...

I shall keep this as quick as a i can, as i have missed a few weeks. I think some bullet points are in order:

- I went to badminton with the usual crew, to Craig Lindsay's house afterwards. I enjoyed my self, i had a laugh and we watched some Family Guy, which is always fun. I also bought Tenacious D's hilarious self titled album. Muchos good.

- On Saturday, i went to the Cathouse with Russell, Claire, Aston, Siobhan, Zoe, Rachel H, Bethany and a few others. It was great fun, one of the best nights out i've had. So cheers to everybody involved, especially to Russell, who more or less made me go, and that was good of him. I won't mention Ross, and i'll also say Greg was a legend that night for getting me home safe. Cheers lads and ladies.

- On Sunday, i went to Marks (i think, maybe i went out, i cant remember). I also done some prep for the following days german exam.

- That week at school, it was just a four day week. on Monday, I had a German Writing exam, which i actually think i aced in the end. Not a lot else happened that week, not worth noting anyway. Ross was a bit upset on Thursday, and it wasn't until later i found out why. But i wont say why on this.

- So we were off Friday/Monday, and me and the family headed up north, to a little villiage of which me mums side o' the family come from, called Arasaig. We done some stuff, and it's a lovely place. So yea, i had fun.

- So far this week, not a lot has happened. Erm, nothing of much note.

- The week ahead: Some homework, and an RE trip on Friday. Friday shall be my last day of third year also! As of Monday, i will be a fourth year! So thats cool. Goin' badminton, and at the weekend, goin to the pics at some point to see the new X-men movie with Mark.

That is all. We'll meet again next week.